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Belgrade, 1980s

With their creative juices overflowing at the time, the two Zorans decided to share the burden. Three female friends were recruited since their utter inexperience fitted perfectly with the style of music they were given: sweet, girly electronica.

Ljilja, Jacke and Jasna landed TV and radio shows and became local celebrities overnight. At the time, a few unkind souls said that this exposure somewhat improved girls' marriage chances!

The band released an LP 'Sizike u Zemlji Cuda' for PGP RTB and quickly had a number 1 hit - 'Don't Stop'.

Important project contributors:

Nikolaj Bezek (recording facilities, laughter and panic. Sadly his beloved dog was killed during the recording, but not as a direct result of our activities)
Misa Stojiljkovic
(recording engineer)
Sasa Habic
(equipment loans)
Goran & Dragan Marinkovic (notational input and hand-played parts)
Milovan (for making us get the hell out of his house)
Max & Intro (more laughters and fun. A very talented and totally mad Max sadly died at a very young age)

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Don't Stop

Be Bop A Lula
Cudan Ples
Don't Stop Remix
Dont't Stop Remix 2
Hula Hop Disco
Mega Mix
Patricia Twist
Ponavljacka Pesma
Svemirski Cistac
Below is a video from 1982 charts show.