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ETHNO-TECHNO, Belgrade, 1982-1986

Zoran Jevtic and Nikolaj Bezek - good friends and analog-synth addicts, collaborated on a number of commercial projects but could never resist putting together the tunes they liked for that 'real synth sound', in their spare time.

Remember - this are early 80s, the days of MC4 (analog 4 track mono sequencer) and Prophet1, Juno6 and System100!

Sizike hit song Don't Stop resulted from one of Jevta/Nikolaj late-night sessions and in his rather strange way, Nikolaj contributed hugely to the creative spirits of Jevtic/ Vracevic musical career.

MP3 audio clips. Click to play, right-click to download.

Danger Lover

Happy Together
I Love Her
Talk Modern