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DIGITRON, London, 1997

Zoran Jevtic & Andrej Koy composed, programmed, recorded and produced Digitron project. The word digitron means 'pocket calculator' in Serbian. This should give a prety clear idea what the band sounds like... Nikola Tesla was himself a Serb, so is Zoran. and Andrej? Well... despite being a Croatian - he looks like a Serb anyway!

A lot of synths, samples, vocoders and speech synthesizers were used for the project and all was recorded during a two-month period of fun and tweaking at Andrej's Reaction studio...

A limited edition CD titled 'D-TUNE' was published in 1997 and a few copies are still available... Email us for details by using the email link above, if you want one!

MP3 audio clips. Click to play, right-click to download.

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