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DATA, Belgrade, 1980s

Zoran Jevtic & Zoran Vracevic pioneered total electronic concept in old Yugoslavia. Z. Vracevic (the bigger one) - an accomplished drummer at the time - renounced traditional band model and joined Z. Jevtic, a designer and experimental guitarist (the smaller one). This provoked a wide disbelief amongst the city's musicians and most notably, Vrachevic senior who saw his son sell his prized drumkit and start buying keyboards and synthesizers.

Before long, the gear was amassed and weird noises started to displease the neighbourhood. Concurently, a new phenomenon was born: the two Zorans were regularly seen lugging the whole studio rig from one family home to another, whenever their parent's rage reached critical levels. And so on for some years...

But addiction was complete: the 'one-fingered players' collaborated with many stars of the time, to name a few:

Bajaga (first album)
Sasha Habic (producer)
Sloba Markovic
Sladjana Milosevic
Vlada Jet
Studio B
Vicko Vicanovic
U Skripcu
Grupa Beograd
Dr. Spira
Kornelije Kovac


MP3 audio clips. Click to play, right-click to download.

Video Heroj
Robot Life
Granice Ljubavi
Data In
Unit Logic

Below is a (weird) video from 1984.